The furthest stop we made on our West Coast road trip was to Monkey Mia, the only place in Australia that dolphins visit daily; a small group often make an appearance, but specific numbers obviously depend on if the dolphins feel like swimming to the shore. As I was really keen to take part in some animal interaction, it made perfect sense to go here!

There are three feeds throughout the morning up until 12 pm, but they recommend going to the first one to avoid disappointment. That's scheduled around 7:45 am which is pretty early, but there are a few accommodation options around Shark Bay to suit all budgets.

We stayed in Fowlers Camp which cost us $15 for the night. The road down was a little rough but we took it easy and managed to get there in our 2WD, despite the road being marked as 4WD only on the map; we got reassurance from the visitor's centre that it was completely fine to go down there, and they weren't actually sure why the map was marked like that. Ideally, I would have loved to stay in Eagle Bluff, but that track was truly for 4WD only. Even so, staying at Fowlers was so serene, and we even had a visit from an emu!

Also, by the time we got there, the tide was pretty low so we couldn't do any snorkelling. However, the views were just as lovely to take in as we settled down for the night.

In the morning, we managed to get there for the second feed. Luckily, around 5 dolphins turned up and we got to enjoy the full experience.

The rest of the morning was spent relaxing on the beach and getting some much needed rest for the long journey back towards Perth. The weather was absolutely perfect and the views were equally stunning. The water was quite cold though, but I'm not sure if this was because it was so hot on land so I felt the temperature difference a lot more. Still, I did manage to go for a quick dip before spending the rest of the time sunbathing.


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