So I've done that classic Sarah thing where I've taken photos for my blog but didn't find time to edit them. In this case, these photos were taken in February (so, winter) during my time in Den Haag and it's now August, which is very much in the midst of summer. Evidently, given the weather, turtlenecks and boots aren't really a thing, but it's winter in the southern hemisphere so I though what the hell. No use wasting the photos, right?

To be honest, it's not like the summer weather in England is constant sunshine and blue skies. I could probably be wearing this outfit right now and be alright. Plus, as we're heading closer to September, the weather will be in that 'transitional' stage, so an outfit like this is perfect; florals to hold on to that last bit of summer, and a light turtleneck to keep warm from the wind.


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