Rachel is currently doing a semester abroad in Den Haag so before I flew out to Australia, I went to visit her. As my flight home was from Amsterdam, we decided to spend my last day there. Like typical tourists, we rented bikes and went exploring! Here's what we got up to:

1. Renting a bike

As I was carrying luggage for my flight home, we decided to head towards a street (I can't remember the name!) where there were a few bike rental and storage places. Luckily, we found a place called Hotelscooters along the way so we decided to rent from there instead; it was cold and we didn't fancy walking even further. The bike was €13 to rent for the whole day (9am-6:30pm), was extremely easy to use and comfortable to ride. The man even offered to store my luggage in the shop for free which was extremely helpful!

2. Royal Palace Amsterdam

Our first stop along our journey was the Royal Palace. This picture of me was taken just a few moments after I 'gracefully' dismounted the pavement on my bike and crashed into the curb on the other side. I guess it could have been worse. Someone could have seen the whole thing and walked away laughing...

3. Canals

If you didn't take a canal picture, did you even go to Amsterdam? We stopped and took a few photos alongside the canals on the way to our next stop because the answer to that question is no, no you did not.

4. Kattencafe Kopjes

Amsterdam's cat cafe was our main goal for the trip and I'm not even ashamed to admit that. We'd already visited one in Den Haag and were even more excited to visit this one as they had more cats! How cute was this little fella called Horus? He took a particular liking to Rach and sat snoozing on her lap the whole time we were there. Kopjes was definitely worth the ride out of the city if you're looking for some cat love!

5. More canals!

As we had a little time to spare after the cat cafe, we spent a little more time exploring the canals. In particular, we walked around the canals near Anne Frank's house and the Cheese Factory, again, taking lots of photos.

6. Flower Market

Our last stop before heading back to the airport was the flower market. I loved how colourful the place was and wish I could show you more, but we were told to stop taking photos as it would mean being a "health and safety hazard". I particularly loved these blossoming cacti and wished I could have taken one home with me.


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