When I was younger, I was obsessed with pink. I had pink clothes, a pink room and my favourite magazine was literally called PINK. In fact, my dad still points out this magazine to me whenever we walk through the magazine aisle and jokingly asks if I want a copy. Despite this, as I grew up I fell out of love with the colour, up until the point where I didn't have a single item of pink clothing in my wardrobe.

However, back in the spring I fell in love with it again! It all started with a pink bomber (similar) I bought from Stradivarius and snowballed from then on.

Bag* - SammyDress | Pompom* - Superdrug

One of my favourite pink pieces that I own is this Zara faux leather jacket (similar) which I finally justified and bought at the end of this summer. It's perfect for layering over thin jumpers like this grey choker jumper, which I got as I saw Patricia Bright wearing something similar and loved how it looked on her. Admittedly, the cutout is a little impractical for winter, but I love it nonetheless. Just make sure you've got a super warm scarf when you're out and about! Definitely needed to follow my advice here - the angry/cold fists are back again. Just call me Arthur.

Jacket - Zara (similar) | Jumper* - Gamiss | Jeans - ASOS / Petite | Boots - Stradivarius


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