In the past, SammyDress' homeware and clothing items have really impressed me, so I decided to try out some of their beauty products this time around. They have quite a large selection of make-up tools and storage solutions, and I was also surprised to see that they even had actual make-up stocked. However, I only decided to pick out some of their brushes and make-up organisers for now.

I chose this 20 piece make-up brush set* as it included quite a few eye shadow brushes (which I needed more of!) and a couple of face brushes. Honestly, I'm so impressed with the quality of these brushes as they're so soft and don't malt at all, which is unusual for cheaper brushes; they only cost £10.30 which is crazy considering you can only get one brush (if that) for that price in Superdrug/Boots!

I also picked up two organisers for my make-up because since blogging about beauty, my collection has out grown my make-up bag! The first is just a normal desktop make-up organiser*, but the second make-up organiser* comes with a 'jewellery box' attachment. Like the brushes, I'm really happy with both of the products as they're made of really robust, clear acrylic and have plenty of storage space. I definitely think both are worth their prices, which are £15.94 and £16.57 respectively.

Finally, since I'm heading to Australia next month, I decided to get a 5 ml travel sized perfume bottle*. I've always wanted one anyway, as I think it would be really handy to keep in your bag instead of a full sized bottle! This one was only £2.42.

All these items took no more than 3 weeks to arrive since they ship from China. If you'd like to see my previous clothing and homeware posts on SammyDress, you can find them here and here.


DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored. Items marked (*) are gifted, bought with vouchers or have been sent. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Dang! It's crazy that those cheap brushes worked out for you! I love when that happens because I hate the idea that people have to have a lot of money for good tools.

  2. Great picks! But mostly I just want that cat mug... ;) <3 lol

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here


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