Bodychef Day 7*


Today is my penultimate day (but last full day) of my Bodychef hamper! I'm sad that it's nearly over, but so looking forward to having a huge cheat day of unhealthy things when it is. *Rolls eyes at myself* If you'd like to catch up on my previous posts about Bodychef, you can find them here: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5 and Day 6.

Breakfast: Blueberries and Granola

Unfortunately, I wasn't too impressed with today's breakfast as there was barely anything to it. There was only a handful of granola provided, and not very many blueberries which you can see wasn't even enough to fill the small bowl! Having said that, the granola was really lovely and the blueberries really fresh. Just a shame that it didn't quite fill me up.

Total calories: 223

Snacks: Dried Apricots
Total calories: 75

Lunch: Tuna and Cucumber, Beetroot, Tortilla Wrap, Orange

Today's lunch is one of the best Bodychef lunches I've had so far! I usually love a good tuna and cucumber sandwich, but I've decided it tastes so much better in a tortilla wrap. The beetroot was a nice edition too, and something that I'd never thought of putting in but definitely will in the future. The orange they gave me was also nice and fresh, just like the blueberries! 

Total calories: 490

Dinner: Golden Veg and Bean Stew with New Potatoes

Not going to lie, after eating a lot of salad over the past few days, this dinner was 100% needed. It was such a hearty and filling stew, filled with tasty vegetables, beans and potatoes. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that I had to boil the potatoes myself which took a while, but this is literally just me being lazy. There are no real faults to this meal!

Total calories: 528

Dessert: Grapes
Total calories: 120

For the next few days, I'll be posting daily about Bodychef and what sorts of things I eat. I hope that it will be a useful insight to anyone who is interested, or just act as some meal inspiration for those of you who are looking. Personally, I'm not one to count calories, but I decided to include them anyway for those who want to be on a calorie restricted diet.


DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored. Items marked (*) are gifted, bought with vouchers or have been sent. All opinions are honest and my own.

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