August has been incredibly (x 1 million) busy for me, hence the tardiness of this post and the lack of August posts in general - sorry! I settled into my new uni house, caught up with more friends, worked at a temp job and travelled to a couple of pretty places. Oh, and I now own an Instax Mini 8 after wanting one since forever - thanks Campus Society! Keep reading if you're nosy (like me) and would like to find out more.

1) Coffee Catch-up

After settling into my new house, I met up with a few of my blogging friends for a drink in Starbucks. It was so lovely to catch-up with them all and share stories of what we'd got up to in the summer. We even managed to do a quick little shop in Paperchase, and I took some outfit photos for Charlotte. If you'd like to check out their blogs, here are Charlotte's, Chloe's and Lexie's links.

2) Beaulieu

Around mid August, I went to the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, and had a lovely time. Admittedly, cars aren't really my thing, but I did spot a few familiar vehicles (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang anyone?!) which got me a little excited. However, Beaulieu is 'much more than a motor museum'. It's also home to a Palace House, its Gardens and an Abbey, which were so beautiful to explore. Would definitely recommend it as a day out, as there's something for everyone to enjoy.

3) Instax Mini 8

A couple of months ago I became a uni rep for Campus Society, which is an online platform for university students to connect. At the start of August, I was named their July rep of the month, and they kindly gifted me an Instax Mini 8 as a reward! I've wanted one for so long but could never justify the price, so I'm so grateful to have been gifted one.

4) Gardenbury

Rach and I have been planning a summer garden party for a while, as a get together to see our old pals after being away at uni. Initially, we were aiming for Gardenchella, but the rain turned it into more of a Gardenbury. Nevertheless, I had such a lovely time with everyone albeit wrapped up cosily in a duvet as I'm too weak to handle the slightest bit of cold! The polaroids above are taken from when we were setting up the day before.

5) Isle of Wight

As I had a temp job back at uni, my family came to visit me before I started and we went to the Isle of Wight. Despite being only a ferry ride away, I never thought to visit before, but now I'm seriously kicking myself for not going sooner. We visited some lovely places, such as Osborne House (home to Queen Victoria), Mottistone Gardens and The Needles (a Geographer's dream) which were all very exciting. Luckily for us, the weather stayed bright and sunny all throughout our short stay too, which made it even more of a pleasant break.

What are your monthly highlights?


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  1. Those polaroids are so sweet! x
    Morgan |

  2. Sounds like a fab month, the Isle of Wight looks so gorgeous <3 I haven't been in years! I also own an Instax camera and I love it xx

  3. Sounds like you had a great month! Lovely shots! :)

    Bella Pummarola


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