I'd like to start this post by warning you that this may get a little TMI, depending how open and comfortable you are discussing a woman's intimates. Because of this, I was quite hesitant to do this post but considering a large proportion of my readers are female, I decided it would. Besides, feminine hygiene isn't something I've seen talked about a lot, so I thought it would be useful to shed some light on this topic.

Organyc, a company specialising in natural and organic feminine care and beauty, sent me some of their products to try out and review. Initially, I was skeptical, given the fact that we're always told to be wary of products that will come into contact with our intimate areas. However, after doing a little research, it sounded promising. Here are my thoughts:

1. Intimate Wash, 250 ml (£6.95)*

The intimate wash contains no harmful chemicals (e.g. chlorine and parabens), is suitable for sensitive skin and has a pH of 5-5.5, making it very safe to use. Out of all the products, this is probably the one I have enjoyed using the most. Lately, my usual sanitary towels have been causing me a lot of irritation (probably due to them changing the design of it and adding more chemicals), and the cooling effect of the chamomile has really helped to soothe this. Only one pump is also required, as a little goes a long way, so I can see this bottle lasting me for a while.

2. Wet Wipes, 20 pcs (£2.99)*

Like the wash, the wet wipes are also suitable for sensitive skin, due to the lack of chemicals such as chlorine and parabens in them. They are super soft to use, very resistant, and I find them perfect for throwing in my handbag and taking on the go. I think this is very important, especially when you're on your period, to keep clean and to make sure bacteria isn't manifesting (ew, gross) because this is when problems and infections start to arise. The only downside I could think of this was the price is a little unreasonable for only 20 pcs.

3. Sanitary Pads Moderate Flow, 10 Pads (£3.49)*

As I said, my usual pads have been causing me some discomfort lately, so I was the most excited to try these! Initially, I was really impressed as they were soft and comfortable to wear. However, after a while (an hour or so), I found it started to disintegrate even on days when I wasn't heavy at all. Therefore, this was a disappointing product that I wouldn't recommend.

Overall, these products have been reasonably good. However, as the sanitary towels were the thing I would have most likely repurchased but was the most disappointing, I probably won't be dying to repurchase from here again. If you'd like to check out Organyc's other products, they also have a Maternity & Baby, Tampons and Beauty range.

What are your thoughts?


DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored. Items marked (*) are gifted, bought with vouchers or have been sent. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. These certainly look like a much better alternative to Tampax or Maxi, but I personally would rather just use a cup. One time purchase and reusable. However, for the people that cannot/don't want to use menstrual cups, then this looks like a great choice.

    1. i've been intrigued by the idea of a cup but it scares me a little if i'm honest!


  2. These look like better products to use than the usual ones you can buy. It's nice to see bloggers talking openly about periods! x

    1. thank you! it was one of my aims when deciding to do this post :)


  3. Wow, your blog is amazing! I love it! xx
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