I first came across Fake Kittens on another blog and was immediately intrigued as I had never heard of them before. Admittedly, being a crazy cat lady means that I am instantly drawn to the words 'cat' or 'kitten', but I was ultimately sold by the promise of a matte and moisturising formula, something which I am always on the lookout for.

I was fortunate enough to receive three of their lip colours (Dorothy*, Thalia* and Voodoo*), as well as their Lengthening Mascara* in the post the other day. Obviously, I was excited by the kitten on the lipstick packages, but even more so to try them out!

First up was Dorothy, which is a lovely bright red with a very slight hint of pink to it. Typically, I am drawn to darker reds, so I was unsure as to whether I would like this colour on me. However, after trying it out, I was pleasantly surprised at how much it suited me! Why haven't I been working that red sooner?!

Next, was Voodoo. Out of all the lip colours, this was the one I thought I would least like. As I said, I prefer darker lip colours so the light purple-y colour is completely out of my comfort zone. However, after applying and letting it set for a while I was, again, so pleasantly surprised! If I've learnt anything from this experience, is that I definitely need to experiment with more lip colours.

Finally, I tried Thalia. Contrary to Voodoo, this was the one that was the 'safest' option. I love darker reds and will typically reach for them if I'm unsure of what to wear on the lip. This one is no exception and ticks all the boxes for me!

Thalia | Dorothy | Voodoo

It's worth nothing that upon first application, these lipsticks do not appear matte due to how moisturising and creamy they are. HOWEVER, after leaving them to set for a few minutes, they do turn matte. This is great as you don't get dry lips like a lot of matte lip products out there.

As mentioned, I also received their Lengthening Mascara, which really does live up to its name! After a couple of coats, there was already a noticeable difference in my lashes. Unlike my current mascara, it's also not clumpy at all, so I'll definitely be swapping that out for this one. On top of this, it came with a secondary wand, which can be used as a spoolie, or separating your lashes in case of any clumps.

Overall, I am so so impressed with Fake Kittens! They're a small brand so please check them out, but I am predicting great things for them in the future. If you'd like to see me wearing some of these colours, head over to my Instagram.

What are your thoughts?


DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored. Items marked (*) are gifted, bought with vouchers or have been sent. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. I love your swatches! Lovely post I must check this brand out! x
    Morgan |

  2. Hadn't heard about the brand, but the products sound nice. Those lipstick shades are so pretty!


  3. These colours look so pretty!

  4. Those lipsticks look so pretty! Voodoo is totally something I would wear!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  5. Thanks a lot, lovely friend :D

    Ohn, so cool review :D In love with this pink shade. Perfect!

    NEW REVIEW POST | Men’s Summer Beauty Box.
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  6. That pink-mauve lipstick is just the perfect shade! Love this post :) Being a cat-enthusiast myself, having cats on my makeup sounds lovely. x Alona

  7. These look really interesting! I need to check out this brand. Thanks for sharing! Alice

  8. Oooh these look really lovely - colours are absolutely gorgeous too! :)

    Layla xx


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