I remember being nominated a few of times for the Liebster Award in my early blogging days but I never got around to doing them. However, as I'm giving this whole blogging thing another go, I thought this would be a great way of you to get to know me. This time around, I've been nominated by Alice (Our Own Wonderland), so if you'd like to have a read of her post, click here.

1. What do you find most difficult about blogging?

Right now, it's definitely balance. Although I'm only in my first year of university, Geography requires a lot of independent learning, so it's easy to get wrapped up in one and forget about the other. However, this is something I am trying to work on by only limiting myself to one post a week. When I start to get into a routine, this number may increase, but for now I'd rather set myself a realistic goal.

2. If you could only ever watch one TV series, what would it be?

This is a hard one as I'm very picky when it comes to TV shows. At the moment, I'm really into Suits and am currently halfway through season 3. However, Pretty Little Liars is the TV show I've been most dedicated to, so I think I'd have to go with that.

3. What's your biggest fear?

I consider myself to be an analytical person, which can involve overcomplicating certain scenarios. So I'd say my biggest fears are the 'what if' situations I put into my own head, something which I am trying to get over. This year, I'm already trying to say 'YES!' to more things - just the other day I bought my #BloggersBall ticket despite having no one to go with. (Side note: comment if you're going!) I also have a couple of other exciting things that I've managed to achieve this month, so look out for my March Highlights post!

4. What's your favourite post you've done?

Even though it's nothing special, my favourite post is my first. Over the years, I have deleted several posts (because I haven't been happy with them), but I have always kept that one. It's sort of sentimental and I still remember writing it, and how laying it out was an absolute pain!

5. What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

Probably eating Nutella straight out of the jar with a spoon... oops.

6. Which beauty product do you reach for the most?

Anything to do with skincare, but mostly my facial moisturisers! Hands down, that is the one beauty product I cannot live without.

7. If you had 3 wishes, then what would you wish for?

Everyone who knows me will know that the number one place I want to visit is Peru, so that definitely makes it into my top three wishes. My second would be for there to be instantaneous (and free!) travel between here and Malaysia, as it would be nice to see my relatives more than once a year. My final wish is for there to be 100% access to clean water worldwide as, in my opinion, it's one of the biggest barriers to eradicating global inequality.

8. Show some self love and tell us all two things you love about yourself.

My friends have told me that I am a good listener, so that is one thing I love about myself. I've always liked to make people feel valued and appreciated when they share things with me, so this is something I am proud of. The second thing would be my efficiency in getting tasks completed. I'm sort of a 'no-nonsense, just get on with it' kinda person.

9. Where is your happy place?

Manukan Island, Sabah, Borneo. As a child, we always used to go on family day trips out to the island on a little speedboat. So many happy memories. (Pictured above is another TAR island as I couldn't find one of Manukan on my laptop, but they're both as beautiful as each other).

10. If you could time travel, would you rather go to the past or the future?

I'm a little bit fascinated with history so I'd love to visit the past! I also think that visiting the future would lead me to something I really didn't want to know, and leave me paranoid for the rest of my life, haha.

11. What's your favourite quote?

When things go wrong or not to plan, my mum likes to say that "it's a blessing in disguise". Since then, that quote has stuck with me and helped me take on a positive approach to life. I tend to keep it in mind in everything I do, as it helps to put things into perspective and let's you see the bigger picture.

Since I'm not really sure who to tag, I thought it would be great if you answered one of the questions in the comments. If you want to do the whole tag on your blog with these questions, leave a link of your post down below and I will check it out! xo


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  1. Love the its a blessing in disguise quote! Its a really positive way of looking at things x


    1. yes, definitely something to keep at the back of your mind!


  2. I really enjoyed reading this, I am so gutted PLL has finished again, that happy place sure does look pretty happy!

    Meme xx

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  3. I could eat Nutella out of the jar too, so bad but oh so good! LOL!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  4. beautiful blog :) happy Sunday!
    I am new follower :)


  5. Ohn sweetie, really?! Thanks a lot :D You have to show your bomber :D I want to see :D

    I really love this kind of posts. Nice to meet you better <3

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  6. Love your blog! I enjoyed the read!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    1. thank you, lovely! love your blog too



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