The Valentines gifts at Urban Outfitters are some of my favourites this year. Their selection is not completely cringe, and instead carries items that hints at things you'd associate with the time. Below, I've put together my favourites that you could ask someone for or treat yourself to!

On a final note, although Valentines is more commonly associated with couples, I think it's important that, regardless of relationship status, we take a little time for ourselves. This is something I have neglected to do for the past few years, so my most important resolution for this year was to do things for me. Therefore, if there is anything you take away from this post, I hope that it is this.

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  1. Love your Valentine's Day picks! The Calvin Klein top is definitely on my list and the pink nail polish is very cute too. :)
    Isabella xx http://isafashionebella.blogspot.com

  2. I like the idea of Valentines being a day to celebrate everyone you love, not just a boyfriend or girlfriend.
    Urban Outfitters is my favourite shop, I love their furniture especially but its slightly too expensive, and their little trinket bowls like the ones above.


    1. i definitely agree that it is expensive! however, when it comes to homeware, i always look on UO for inspiration and then see if i can find a cheaper alternative elsewhere. i've also seen a few DIYs going around for the trinket bowl so you could also make and customise your own :)



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