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Lately, there's been a huge hype over the Topshop trimmed and tie dye socks so I thought- why not make my own? Although the socks themselves are quite inexpensive (currently on an offer of 3 for £8), it's always fun to make and customise your own. I also have some updates at the end so keep reading on!

I started off by tie-dying my socks a light blue colour. Unfortunately, the pictures didn't turn out too great so I decided to exclude them from this blog post. However, you should be able to find tutorials on YouTube easily enough and follow the instructions on the back of your dye packet.



To measure out your lace, stretch the elastic on the sock and measure the lace against it. Double this and add a couple more centimetres.

Turn the sock inside out.

Line the raw edge of the lace along the top of the sock and sew the lace down with a simple straight stitch, making sure to stretch the elastic as you go along. I would imagine this would be easier on a machine but as I don't have one, I hand stitched. Instead of stretching the sock as you go along, you can also opt to stretch the sock over a tape roll (or something similar).

Stop sewing just before you reach the other end of the lace and knot to secure.

Pinch the two ends together and sew a couple of small stitches to join them together. Repeat this with the other sock and you're done!

I hope this DIY was helpful and easy to follow!

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  1. such amazing diy, i love such socks awww!!!!

  2. Nice post!
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  3. wow i never think about doing by diy socks! great idea!

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  4. merci, it is so cool :) Bonjour from France.

  5. aw brilliant!! I'm SO doing this! How haven't I thought of this earlier?! Thanks so much for sharing x

    Julia from

  6. great post! :)

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  7. Very sweet!
    I love these types of socks.

  8. this is such a good idea!
    they look really cute :)


  9. id like to invite u to my OASAP giveaway


  10. I've not seen this style of socks yet, but thanks for sharing the tutorial!

    Corinne x

  11. These socks are so cute! I could make them for my little sister. Great DIY!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  12. I just followed you sweetie <3

  13. Hey sweetie!

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  14. Great DIY! Very cool! I just came across your blog and I love it. Feel free to check out mine. We can also follow each other if you would like to :)

  15. I love this idea! Amazing! love your blog so much xx

  16. cool :) !!

    follow each other?:)

  17. this is such a cute and easy diy, definitely gonna have to try it out! xo

  18. Awww these are so cute :D I love little ankle socks with converse and blazers.. love it! What a lovely blog :) new follower. xxx

  19. So cute! Thanks for the tutorial - will definitely be trying this :)


  20. Eep! These are so cute! I might use this DIY to attach the lace to my fluffy winter socks :) It's getting cooler and cooler over here in Australia
    xo Maria

  21. This is such a fun DIY, thanks for sharing! Your blog is beyond cute!

    Xo, Hannah

  22. This is a great idea! A fantastic DIY, call me crazy but I don't really want to spend £8 on one pair of socks :-) x

  23. This is amazing,I've been looking for socks like this,but I couldn't find them anywhere!
    I am sooo going to do this,can't wait to wear them with my red Vans!

    I'm following your amazing blog via GFC&Bloglovin,hope that you can check out mine. xx

  24. ah this is such a cute diy :)

  25. Yeaaaah! big respect for seeing something in a store, and then just making it yourself!
    I've done this to sooo many of my socks, haha, I barely have any "normal" socks left ;)
    So I have taken to making just the lace cuff bit - not attached to the sock - so I don't totally alter all of my socks if I decide later in the future that I don't want lacy socks (not that I could ever image wanting that, but, you never know...)

  26. This is such a cute idea! WIll definitely be trying this one out! x

  27. oh never thought of doing this ha and so simple too!

    ordaining serendipity

  28. Lovely DIY - defs going to try this in the near future!

    Yinyin xx

  29. This DIY is so lovely, I have to do this! Thanks <3


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