ELLE Collections: Autumn-Winter 2012


This magazine instantly caught my eye in an airport bookshop, and as soon as I saw it, I just knew I had to have it! ELLE is my number one fashion magazine and since seeing a copy similar to this last year, and regrettably not buying it, I've always wanted one of these so this was just perfect. The sections I found most interesting were Street Style, Top Shows (which gave an insight to London Fashion Week 2012: Autumn-Winter) and Catwalk Colour.



I love this blue Dior dress, modelled by Magdalena Frackowiak, which pictures elegance perfectly. The colour, cut and everything about this dress is simply brilliant. The use of the two types of materials work really well together especially in the upper half of the garment where the top right hand corner of the model's chest is semi-exposed. I also especially love how the skirt falls beautifully, just skimming the ground.


The prints on these dresses by Mary Katrantzou really caught my attention. They are bold, yet very detailed, and are used in a way that compliments the style and shape of each dress. I especially love how the print defines the strong and sharp silhouette of the dress on the right. The prints were inspired by clocks, grass, cutlery and even typewriters!


Pastel colours have been a big trend this summer but who could have thought that it could carry on throughout the autumn and winter months too? Jil Sanders show us exactly how dark colours aren't a necessity for the colder months and that lighter colours can work just as well too.

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